Thursday, March 15, 2012

Japan a Year after Tsunami and Earthquake

Year After a Scary Tsunami and Earthquake in Northern Japan

credit : YOKO KUBOTA 
A tremendous scary shouts, cries for helps, dead bodies scattered everywhere, millions of money was washout and buildings went down when an undescribable natural calamity happened last year in Japan. Remembering an intensity 9 earthquake and followed by several numbers of strong after shocks which drive the see water to flash its almost 75 foot tsunami waves that lead a total destruction. Such devastating calamity which kills thousands of people. A destruction not only in the place but also on the minds of all people who have witnesses that kind of calamity. Almost of people who witness are suffering phobia, reason to permanently move to another place.
The psychological effect on all really need time to rebuild.
Last March 11, 2012 was its destruction anniversary. The Residents of Ofunato gathered and made an altar on beside of the calm, sun-flecked sea . Ofunato paused again 33 minutes later -- the time when a year ago a 23-metre (75-foot) tsunami engulfed the town of 41,000.
Just a half-mile a way from the the tokyo, the
Tokyo Electric Power Company's (Tepco) wrecked Fukushima plant is located. The power plant is powered with a nuclear power and after the earthquake and tsunami the nuclear reactor meltdown effecting to be a nuclear crisis in the world
But is happening in Japan now after this strategy?

After a year, a progress has been made in recovery, many of buildings had been reconstructed. A river that flash the whole City are staying calm just like nothing happen. But the destruction that it was done are still marking on the City. Actually, still many of City residents are still not staying on their home, some of them are staying on their relatives, friends or on their temporary homes. The City government are still striving for their financial status to bring back the beauty of their City.
But the most unforgettable things are the memories of those relatives, friends, and even love ones which have  been dead and their bodies are still not find. They made their bodies to be buried on their own City.





Sunday, March 11, 2012

Knowing the Age of Your Pet / Macklatestupdate

Do you know what is the real age of your pet dog or cat? Let's get knowledge about it.

 We as pet lovers we sometimes do a simple per year basis on how to know the age of our dog. On my side, I am thinking that dog is can be count its age as simple per year like human, example: if the dog that has been on you for almost 4 years, I am thinking that its age is also 4 years which is quitely  wrong. On some other person, I've also search that they simple presume a 1 year old dog in human is equal to 7 years old dog, example: if you have a dog and already 1 year on you since puppy so it will be  7 years old, if a dog ages on human years as 4 years multiply by 7 you'll get the answer of 28 years the total age of your dog which is more likely accurate. 
But in the latest study, by doing or lets weigh simple arithmetic . It is said that it will be the most accurate way of knowing the age of your pet. Let us get out on that 1 year = 7 years old dog. If you have thinking, on how many babies for a cat or dog can have after a year compare for a human which is approximately starting on 7 year old to get pregnant and almost end up of getting pregnant for very rare situation lets say 70 year old lady.  

Lets talk about Dog:
 A dog as mans best friends, according to study, that on their 1 year of human year is equal on their age of 12 years old. So example if you have a Dog 1 year on you since it was puppy, it's most accurately age is 12 year old. But this method are a simple looking the maturity of the Dog. For example: on its 1st two years we are adding 12 years per year, and the next years you'll adding 4 years on every after 2 years.

Lets have such table:

 human age ( year )           0   1      2       3     4     5     6      7     8 ...
 Dog approximately age   0   12   24    28    32   36   40    44    48....

On about your Cat:
 Lets take a look about Cat, A cat on its 1st 2 years we are adding 15 years, and add 4 years on 3rd and so on....

Table for Your Cat:
 Human Age ( year )        0     1      2      4       5      6       7       8  ....
Cat Approximately           0    15    24    28     32    36     40     44 ...






Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn Scandal / macklatestupdate

Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn Top - less and Nude pictures / macklatestupdate
credit to: latimesblogs

Another latest trending story was caught in every where, the images of Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn was found in naked pictures. The top-less and nude pictures trends on all media and also such social networks.
Note that the two are not on the same picture. The picture of these two are separated.

  Christinas' picture was said that it came from here phone which had been hacked and pictures was stolen. After what happen the celebrity reported and ask for a legal actions from authorities.
According to Christina some of those pictures are fake example are the Top-less image and there are also authenticated image.

Munn also accepted that several of those images are authenticated, sample of that are wearing Pink Bikini which is previously posted on her blog and twitter accounts, But she also said that the Top-less and an undress picture was not her.

After what happened, the two are looking forward for the authorities to solve these kinds of problems so that it will be stop as soon as possible. It seems that the  FBI's are now working to catch and stop these "hackers".


Raising Puppy / macklatestupdate

Raising your Puppy / macklatestupdate

On the first day of your puppy at home, a puppy must be train or teach slowly the two basic training, which are " behavioral and obedience training ". As soon as your puppy getting old, the harder of training comes, so as soon as possible you must raise you puppy with a proper training.

credit to: dogsrockmysocksoff
As time goes by, the type of its attitude also depends on it's master. If you are patient enough to train your puppy for just an hour every day or teach your puppy on how to behave well, so I can say when your puppy get old it will be a smart Dog.

It is essential for a Dog trainer or master to be patient. You must learn what's the puppy feeling, or to know if puppy already getting bored. As a master always put in your mind that puppy can't learn things in just a blink of an eye. It takes days, weeks, or sometimes months. So it is much better that your training session must be your regular habit.
Always consider a new puppy that it don't know where to po-po or don't know what they are biting. So expect that kind of behavior. In-order for a puppy to know where to po-po, always teach your puppy where is the po-po place and you must also know when is the time which the puppy will po-po and bring it to the po-po place. For a bad biting habit you have to give a chewing toy or chewing bone for your puppy so that it would not bite other things. And don't forget to say bad or good dog every time they did such kinds of behaviors. Another thing is teach your puppy which is her place and its boundaries.

Also, Don't hurt your puppy when they did such unacceptable behavior. It will lead your puppy to be afraid on you or such other humans. Instead, say bad and don't play with it for a while. 
The most important for a puppy which is newly home, is to know that you are the master, and teach it to socialize, not to be afraid on somebody. Always do such lovingly touch. If you don't actively socialized your puppy it may lead to be afraid on somebody  just like men, or such children. These fears can actively get on its defensive thoughts which is to bark, become aggressive, stress and generally can lead to unhappy dog. 

All those things must be understand for a puppy owner. And as your puppy getting older, let socialization and such simple training must be continue. 






Ways of the Dogs as Mans Bestfriend / macklatestupdate

Dog and People / macklatestupdate

credit to : Ketan Mukherjee
Can you imagine a world without dogs? Most people would find that hard to do. Dogs are an important part of so many people lives. Catching criminals, guiding people who are blind, and providing companionship are just few of the many things that dogs can do. They are a very special kind of animals because they live and work so closely with human beings. Dogs as we know them today did not exist.

We will never know for certain how dogs and people first came together. Dogs depend on human beings for their food, shelter, and safety. Dogs give a great deal in return. Depending on its individual abilities, it can learn to perform many remarkable tasks that aid people.



Dogs help people in many important ways. People who are blind, deaf or who use a wheelchair can be helped by these dogs to achieve greater independence in their daily lives. A seeing-eye dog can safely lead a person who is blind from place to place. A dog trained to aid a person who uses a wheelchair can help by picking up dropped objects. Dogs that aid people in these ways are very special. 

If you see a person using a dog for assistance, remember that the dog is working and must use all its senses to help its handler. Do not pet the dog or distract it any way.You may greet or touch the dog only if it is allowed by the handler.



Dogs have excellent hearing. They can hear sounds at a much greater distance that humans can. Perhaps, the most developed sense that a dog has is its sense of smell. Dogs are famous for their “good noses”. They can detect the faintest scent many days or even a long time that the source of the scent is removed. 



Barkling is the most familiar sound a dog makes. It is often used as a warning, such as when there is a knock at the door or when a stranger approaches. Barkling can also mean that the dog is aggressive and is looking for a fight.Some barks from the same dog can sound more high-pitched than others. 

These barks means that the dog needs help, such as when it is standing at the back door waiting to be let into the house. Other high-pitched barks means that the dog is trying to avoid a fight and it doesn't want to be hurt.

Growling is usually used by dogs as a serious warning. It may mean “Stay away” or “I’m going to bite you”. Some dogs growl when they play roughly. Howling is an interesting, sometimes beautiful sound that many dogs are able to make.

Dogs also whimper and whine. These sound mean that the dog needs something or they are hurt. Sometimes dogs whimper when their owners return home, especially after a long absence. These sound means “Please notice me” or “I missed you”. 



Other dogs also help people less dramatic ways. Dogs can lift the spirits of people who may feel ill, alone, or unhappy. A dog’s companionship is something that many people take for granted. But for those who are in a hospital or an other health-care facility, visiting with a dog can bring many important benefits.

Petting and cuddling a dog has been shown to lower people’s blood pressure and pulse rate, which in turn can improve heart function. Curiously, stroking a dog can have the opposite effect on people who are in an unconscious stage. Their blood pressure and pulse rate go up, helping to restore consciousness.

It is not difficult to have our own dogs because they are easily get our attention because they really feel that we are concern and having care for them. Being with a dog makes you feel good. Dogs do a great deal to serve their human owners, but people also do great deal to help dogs. With good care, Keep in mind that a dog is a living creature that will become attached to you and your home. A DOG IS A FRIEND THAT LIVE WITH YOU FOR MANY YEARS. 






Biggest Pacific BlueFin Tuna Fish Ever Caught / macklatestupdate

Angler's 738-pound Pacific BlueFin Tuna Fish ( macklatestupdate )

A new record holder Pacific Bluefin tuna is said to be the biggest tuna ever landed on rod and reel. Angler Natan Adams describe to be " fish of lifetime ". Angler Natan Adams was a member of the Muriwai Sportfishing Club and the one who caught the fish.
Credit to: Pete Thomas, GrindTv
A latest update was all about the biggest fish caught with an 18 foot boat during recent competition off Hourora in New Zealand. The 738 - pounds fish is now waiting its title to be the biggest Pacific Tuna Bluefin caught replacing the 716 pounds Pacific Tuna Bleufin which landed off Wesport New Zealand, last 2007 in which will be rewarded by the International Game fish ass.. (IGFA)
According to International Game Fish Ass ( IGFA ) that Adams may will be the new record holder, It is because since Adam is still on the competition and complying all the rules, it is not hard for Adam to get the new record. But the IGFA will still in need of weeks for the records submission.
Adam is one of the best fisherman, according to the record Adam also caught a 788 pound black marlin.




Monday, March 05, 2012

Hero Pit Bull "chief" Dog Save A two lives / macklatestupdate

Mans' Best friend Vs a Cursed Reptile / macklatestupdate

 Found interesting? Yeah, it was happened. But unfortunately the mans' best friends found dead after saving its master. ( macklatestupdate)
To understand the story, I will make it more comfortable for you. Philippines, a touching story was found when an American Pit bull Terrier dog name " Chief " save the live's of their masters ( Liberata la Victoria, 87, and her granddaughter Maria Victoria Fronteras ) from a killer snake which is categorize to be one of the deadly or poisonous snake the Phil. cobra. A Phil. cobra is said to be the 5th most poisonous snakes all over the world. It can kill a person minutes after a bite.
It was happened in BARANGAY LAPASAN (Philippines) last Feb 12, 2007. I know that it was happened long time ago but I want to refresh on the mind of all of the readers so that it can awakes your hearts that dogs are really helpful for everybody and can also offer it's lives for you and also for me.
    Around 2 pm Philippine time, when Liberata and Maria was watching TV on their receiving area sitting on sofa, when suddenly Chief jump up and alerted them from a cobra which is almost about 10  feet distance from them. So Maria suddenly pulled her grandmother and out from their and get inside on separate room, Thinking that a poisonous reptile would leave on their house. 
But when Maria emerge from the room, surprisingly she found the said poisonous cobra was on its attacking mode, its hood was expanding and seems to be spitting venom. 
A young lady statement said that " the snake was in front of us preparing for a deadly attack and because of this shockingly situation I screamed loud looking for a help."
After the screaming, chief bark and go between  the cobra and this ladies. Chief catch the neck of the cobra and slammed it on the floor, killing the cobra. 
But unfortunately, Chief got bite on its jaw while fighting with a poisonous cobra. And after a seconds, Chief began gasping for breath and collapse. It was a sad victory for a Dog and also for its master.
After a collapse the family call a doctor looking forward for chief to be saved, But the vet said that they have nothing to do on it the bite was fatal and it's near on the brain. The poison may already scattered on different parts of the body and mostly on its brain. 
Almost 30 minutes after the bite a hero dog "Chief" went on its dying stage which it looks like that its organs began malfunctioning, Chief dog was urinating and still fighting for its life. 
Until a sad ending happened when the hero dog gave its last two deep breath and die.